Born and raised in Miami, Florida, I currently live and work in NYC, after having spent time in such places as Gainesville, San Francisco, Minneapolis and Providence. Drawing, printmaking, book-making, painting, textile works, sculpture, video and photography are some of the mediums that I work in and I'm often dabbling in something new.

Since 2011, I've been immersed in PEGACORN PRESS, a publishing house I began using a couple of beat up Risograph stencil duplicators. This feminist, queer, and "total-art-freaker" press specializes in producing and releasing small-run art books, zines and comics. New projects are always in the works and as all the details are figured out, they'll be posted on

If you find yourself interested in acquiring art and/or publications, please check out my Etsy store, or send a message of inquiry. I truly believe in making my work accessible and in person, tend to sell items on a sliding scale basis. That being said, if you see something that you'd like to purchase- but are short on funds- more than likely, we can work out a fair trade. I'm always looking for wild-crafted medicinal plants, seaweeds, koji, taxidermy, bee keeping equipment and books about all of the above... and more. If you have any of those said items to spare, let's trade!!

Take care-
Caroline Paquita

Ancient Goddess of Vajazzling