Pegacorn Press titles are carried and distributed through Last Gasp and can be ordered in bulk through them, or you can contact me directly and we'll go from there.

In New York, you can find titles at Desert Island and Blue Stockings, two very awesome stores that are definitely worth supporting. In the Midwest, you can find titles at Quimby's in Chicago!

Individual internet shoppers, you have two options:


I know that everyone doesn't have, or doesn't like Paypal- I completely understand. If that's the case, you can send cash, check, or a money order through the mail. Before doing that however, please email me to check in about what's in stock, shipping costs, etc, and we'll make further arrangements. (carolinepaquita(at)

(For those who are seeking printing services, I don't take print jobs, but you can find other Riso printers via Also, please do not send unsolicited submissions for consideration- thanks for the interest though!)

CRYPTOZOOLOGY, by Al Burian Now and Here, by Lale Westvind